Friday, July 20, 2012

Trial Offer Ending Soon

Remember that the trial offer on the Challenge Packs (including Shakeology® and Turbofire®, P90X®, or Brazil Butt Lift®) is going on through July 31!! If you watch the early morning infomercials and are the least bit curious, why not try it. You pay under $30 (shipping plus tax) and get both the fitness program AND Shakeology® for the month to test drive! Before the month is up, make your decision. When you see such great results you will likely decide that you want to continue, but if not, they allow you to return it and not be billed. The Challenge packs offered in this deal range from $160 to $205. So, depending on the pack you choose, you will be billed accordingly. At the end of each month thereafter, you will be on autodelivery of Shakeology®. I know I sometimes run out of my Shakeology® before my order (because my husband drinks it sometimes or I give some away), so I started another order of the Vegan Chocolate!! I can't wait to get it. If ever you change your mind or want to take a break from Shakeology®, you just call them and they will cancel your redelivery. I had to do that when I was pregnant. So, if you want to try a Challenge Pack, here is what you do... Go to my site, click the SHOP tab. On the left side of the screen you should see a list starting with Challenge Packs and just below it Trial Offers. For the trial challenge packs, click trial offers.

If you want to save shipping and still get a discount off regular price, you can buy the regular Challenge packs. They offer considerable discounts over the regular prices AND come with all of the other Fitness programs. For example, say you wanted to try Les Mills Pump. Les Mills Pump basic set is $165 and Shakeology® is $119.95. You can get the Challenge Pack with both LMP and Shakeology® PLUS a free month membership in Team Beachbody Club® plus free shipping for $265. I know I paid for shipping when I got my LMP. They ship barbels, weights, I got the bench and an extra set of weights, so shipping was significant. Finally, if you think you may want to try your hand at coaching, now is your chance. Normally, to sign up as a coach you pay $39.99 then monthly $15.95 (for maintenance of  3 websites, coach training tools , etc..). If you sign up as a Coach by clicking the Coach tab from my site, you can buy a Challenge pack (pick regular, or decline and next page will offer the trial offer). If you buy a Challenge Pack or Challenge Trial Pack offer, you have the Coach Fee waived. There is another $39.99 saved!! This deal was not available to me when I signed up, it would have been a great deal!!! If for no other reason, sign up to be a coach to save 25% of the price of fitness programs, Shakeology®, and nutritional supplements. 

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