Friday, July 6, 2012

Still Loving It!

I am still loving Les Mills Pump! I did Pump Extreme again this week.. loved it and Pump Revolution..same thing. I think those two are my favorite barbel exercises.. Long, and they hit every muscle! I don't know about you, but I like to be sore the next day.. I feel muscles I never knew I had :). I know people say that a lot, but I am serious. I can't wait to try more fitness programs..thinking I should at least try P90X, but I really want to try Turbo Fire! We'll see how it all goes. I am just finishing up my 5th week of Pump now.. so I have a while to worry about that.
Shakeology is becoming quite my addiction. I drink it daily around 4-430pm. It enables me to eat a very small dinner. My favorite recipe is chocolate Shakeology with unsweetened vanilla almond milk, a sprinkle of cinnamon, 1/2 banana, and sometimes a little PB2 or even extra protein powder (I use Beachbody's Chocolate or Vanilla Whey).. soo good! 

Here are 5 reasons you should drink Shakeology daily: (from their Blog)
  1. Your cravings for unhealthy foods can eventually disappear—and be replaced by cravings for healthy choices. It's true!
  2. You can save time! Replace one meal a day with Shakeology and that's one less meal to plan. Whip up your shake and go. It's fast food that's great for you.
  3. You can save money! If you drink Shakeology instead of eating lunch or dinner, you'll spend just $4 on your meal.
  4. You can save money, the sequel! As Shakeology improves your digestion, boosts your energy, and keeps you lean, you're bound to have fewer medical bills.
  5. You can keep the weight off! Studies show that people who eat breakfast every day are less likely to regain the weight. Furthermore, a protein-rich breakfast helps you feel full and reduces the tendency to snack throughout the day.
I just saw this recipe on the Shakeology's Blog .. will have to try

1 scoop Chocolate Shakeology
½ cup almond milk
½ cup coffee
¼ tsp. cinnamon
2 drops vanilla extract

One more thing before I go get ready for the day... If you are "on the fence" about trying Beachbody's products.. they still have that trial offer for 3 popular Challenge packs. The Challenge Packs include 1 of 3 popular Fitness Programs, your choice of Shakeology (1 month supply), and a 30 day membership in Team Beachbody's club. Basically pay shipping plus tax on the pack and get to try it out before purchasing for 30 days! Love it? Then keep it and get charged on day 30! Don't love it? Send it back within 30 days from receiving and you don't get charged anything. What a deal. Go to my site, click shop then click "trial offer" to see the challenge packs offered for this deal. Want a different program? The rest of the Challenge Packs are discounted so you could always decide on those. 

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