Saturday, July 14, 2012

Les Mills Pump Workout

The DVDs later in the workout schedule (Pump and Shred, Pump Extreme and Pump Revolution) are my all time favorites. You get 45minutes to almost an hour of barbel work. The extreme and revolution target more muscle groups. Each "track" is roughly 5 minutes. You leave the workout definitely feeling it. You must challenge yourself without overdoing it. Knowing that each track lasts a while, you have to prepare for numerous reps so you can make it to the end. It's the end of the track, when your muscles are super fatigued that you are making the biggest impact on your body. These barbel workouts are sure to increase your heart rate more than just lifting weights regularly would. Les Mills Pump cardio workouts are awesome too. I have t say, the STEP DVD is a killer. It starts out all mild and slow.. but towards the middle to the end, it becomes super intense. It's only 30 minutes but you wouldn't necessarily want it any longer than that. I used to take a bunch of step classes at a Gold's Gym in my area. They would spend a lot of time chatting before, then a long warm up and then a cool down... it may have been a 1 hour class, but we were lucky to get 30 minutes of step in. This STEP DVD gets right to the point. You won't feel like there was a minute wasted. You may want to increase your cool down. I think it's fine, since I am always in a rush to start getting ready for work. I love it!!

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