Friday, July 20, 2012

Les Mills Pump is Working

So today I weigh 10 lbs less than when I started Les Mills Pump!! Woo hoo! That is taking the highest number off the scale from a series of daily weigh ins! :) Your body weight fluctuates and I can attest to that.. daily, hourly, etc.. it fluctuates. I don't care, as long as the trend is trending down, I am happy with that. I also have more muscle tone in my upper body. It is always a slow process for me, so this kind of accomplishment is very exciting. I mean, come on, I have been waking up religiously at 3am on work days and exercising like a mad woman. It would have to eventually pay off! AND, I have totally changed the way I eat. I cut out pasta completely and do not eat bread in the form of sandwiches anymore. I will have a half of a sprouted grain english muffin on occasion with some natural nut butter on top. You really do not feel like you are missing out on anything with a snack like that. One thing that has become a regular daily snack is my almond milk and whey protein powder. I get the one sold by Beachbody, but any would work. I like the vanilla and the chocolate, and often will mix the two. I'm so glad I decided to do Les Mills Pump, there is nothing out there quite like it, and you can follow the schedule or add in the cardio dvds or some combo of the two.

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