Monday, July 16, 2012

Les Mills Pump

Today was Pump Revolution. I guess I am just doing barbel dvds every other day on M, W, and F at this point. I don't really use the schedule.. since I moved up on it so early into the program. I do use it as a guide for the flow/cardio days. I think I love the step workout cardio wise the best. You wouldn't believe how sore your body can become and fatigued your legs can get in such a short amount of time. I plan to do another cardio tomorrow.. would walk/run/jog.. but at 330am-4am.. I'm just not that brave.. I prefer my walk/runs in the sunlight.. makes me feel better for sure. Les Mills Pump is available as the basic set.. no step or cardio dvds.. with just the barbel weights .. OR as the deluxe with the step and extra set of 5 lb weights and 3 cardio dvd workouts. I say if you are purchasing, seriously consider the deluxe. You can try and get a step elsewhere, just make sure it's not one of those half steps.. those get annoying. This is the gym grade step. I did look on and saw them for the same as Beachbody was charging (for the nicer step) so I stuck with Beachbody.

You are not supposed to weigh yourself daily, I know this. I preach this.. but I don't follow this! :) I use it as a guide at this point. I am about 5 months post partum.. I thought I'd be further along in my weight loss. Then I question .. should I eat more.. less.. what?? The scale is not going up at all .. so that is a plus. Actually if I average the numbers I've been getting..they are trending down. Thank goodness. I have done programs where the scale bounced all around the place.. and sometimes it would trend up. You have to always remember that you will be retaining fluid in your muscles in the beginning of strenuous workouts.. which could account for a few pounds here or there. You also have to consider that you may be building muscle. Muscle is more dense and takes up less space on your body as  fat.. so you may weight a little more as you build it.. but as long as your measurements are maintained or going down.. it's all ok! Diet is probably the most important part of the whole process. If you continue to put crap in your body and exercise like a mad person, you may not see/notice any results. Kind of sounds silly, doesn't it? You need to try and eat a clean, whole food diet as much as possible. Try and stay away from the unnecessary sugars. Start paying attention to what you eat. Keep a log. There are smart phone apps that allow you to track your food intake. You can tell it everything from how much you weigh, how much you want to weigh, how much exercise you get, etc. It will tell you how many calories you burn for the day.. Typically, we subtract 500 calories from that number to create a deficit. In the perfect world, you would lose 1 lb in 7 days (3500 kcal = 1 lb). It doesn't always work that way. It's a good baseline or guide for you. I have read about certain body types and how they gain/lose weight.. It seems that my type of body needs to stay away from pasta, sugar (duh!), and bread. I notice after a pasta dinner, the next day I feel bloated and stomach seems swollen. I have since stopped eating spaghetti for now. I drink my Shakeology regularly, and I swear to you it helps! Shakeology keeps you regular and enables you to have a very good for you shake without any guilt whatsoever! I just ordered the Chocolate Vegan, and cannot wait to try it. If it is nearly as good as the current regular Chocolate, then I will be happy.

Ok, signing off.. real quick,don't forget about the Beachbody Challenge Trial offers out there. It just allows you to pay after 30 days.. gives you a chance to return everything for no further charges (other than the shipping and handling you pay with the trial offer). The Trial Offer is valid until end of July as far as we've been told. So go to my site and click shop then trial offer should be on the left hand column. If you wanted to be a coach, you would sign up on my site first, then the challenge packs will be offered at the following page and trial on the further page.

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