Sunday, July 8, 2012

Today was a nice and quiet day spent with my 4 month old. My older children and husband spent the weekend at surf contests in the St. Augustine area. We have quite the little surfers on our hands! I realized I did week 5 of Les Mills Pump twice :-) oops! It really doesn't matter because I do 3 days of the more challenging pump DVDs and then either their cardio on non weight days or something not too insane from insanity. I only use the schedule as an overall guide. Exercise and moving is far better than the not moving at all! If anyone wants specifics about this program, message me and I will give more details. I love it. I like feeling like have worked hard. I enjoy being sore the next day and the next :-): The trial on the challenge packs is over the end of July. Want more info, you can email me, click the beachbody challenge link on the side of the blog or just go to my site at , click shop and then trial offer. The trial is great to test out the product. They are that certain you will love your results!

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