Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It is like second nature

It's funny how when you become accustomed to waking up at 3am give or take, you continue to do so even when you don't need to! I wake up at that time even on weekends. Sometimes I will just go back to bed, but   my 5 mo old is usually expecting a bottle so I continue my routine :) I have been waking up early for about the past 4 months. I started shortly after my C Section with Insanity® and then continued on with Les Mills Pump®. Both workouts are on my all time favorite list. Les Mills offers such an excellent barbel workout, very intense. Insanity® is just plain insane! It pushes you further than you ever thought possible. Even if you can't complete the full workout on any given day, you still reap the benefits and become more physically fit. In order to see the results that most of us are looking for when starting a workout program, you have to manage your diet. The days of eating everything and anything are over. Concentrate on protein and low sugar and I think you will be on the right track.

If you have been up in the air about starting a fitness program.. what are you waiting for? Beachbody has another week of the free Trial offer. This offer is you pay shipping and tax on 1 of 3 popular Challenge Packs (which include fitness program, Shakeology, and month membership in Team Beachbody Club). First you have to decide that you need to do something in the form of exercise, then you have to commit to it. Thinking about it won't get you the results you want. Just sitting back watching others succeed is not an option. Why do that to yourself? Start now. Take baby steps. Do more today than you did yesterday. Get into a routine. If your day gets hectic with family and work once you wake up, wake up earlier! That's what I did. Before kids I used to go to the gym all the time. I literally reworked my schedule at the pharmacy so I could go to my favorite morning classes. I would work late shifts most of the week. Once kids entered the picture, all that changed. I no longer put myself first. I would try and take my young infant to the gym's daycare.. she'd get sick. I gave up. She was more important. My life revolved around the kids. One day, I was watching an infomercial about Turbofire® and went online and ended up with Chalene Extreme®. Since then, I had another (3rd) child and life has gotten even busier. I work full time 45 min from home and still wake up earlier on work days (M-F). I will be exercising by 430am daily. Just visit my site and look around at all of the fitness programs offered. You also get free support and motivation from yours truly :) . How can you go wrong there?? Til next time...

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