Saturday, June 30, 2012

#Beachbody Trial Offer!! Limited Time!!

Try a Challenge Pack for FREE! This is an unheard of deal. Have you been wanted to try a Beachbody program but just didn't want to pay all at once? Beachbody came up with a way for you to try before you buy! This also includes a full 30 day supply of Shakeology (your choice of flavor)! Just pay $14.95 for shipping and handling plus tax. What better way to know that you WILL get results? Try a Challenge Pack for 30 days and if you don’t see results, return the entire pack, no questions asked. If you like it, keep it and pay for the pack after 30 days. The pack includes: • Your choice of P90X®, TurboFire®, or Brazil Butt Lift®• 30-day supply of Shakeology®• 30-day Team Beachbody® VIP Club membership. Just pay $14.95 for shipping and handling plus tax today (s&h is nonrefundable).* *Go to my website for full details. Click the shop tab and then click trial offers After your first 30 days, you’ll automatically receive and be billed for Shakeology and the benefits of VIP Club. ©

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Vegan Chocolate Shakeology Now Available! For those of you who want vegan and chocolate.. Enjoy!

Another Day :)

It is early again and here I am again. I wasn't really into it this morning, but I am determined to make some changes with Les Mills Pump! My 4 month old must be growing, she was up a little earlier than our usual, so that makes mommy a little more sleepy. That's why I LOVE Energy and Endurance! It truly helps with energy when you need it.. no jitters.. no long lasting effects. Today is LES MILLS PUMP STEP.. love it .. short, sweet, and very intense. It builds up to a very intense workout. Until next time :)..

Monday, June 25, 2012

#Pump Revolution here I come

Back to the early morning workouts! So exciting, not! I am looking forward to a new one though. Still loving my Les Mills Pump! I am happy not to have to jump around too much so early in the morning. Thank goodness for Energy and Endurance. I am not kidding, it really works.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Challenge Yourself!

Most people are looking for the easy way out. They want the magic pill or magic cleanse, etc, to help them lose weight in the least amount of time. These types of methods, only work short term, if that! These methods may not be the best idea for health conscious people. If you truly want to lose weight, you need to have a sensible diet and exercise regularly. Have you wanted to try some of those programs you see on TV, such as P90X, Les Mills Pump, Insanity, or  Brazilian Butt Lift?  Beachbody offers many more than just these. Check out the website and click on shop to see all that are offered. These are complete programs with meal plans, calendar of classes, several dvds and all of the equipment you need to see results in an alotted time frame. If you are looking for nutritional supplements, there are several to choose from (vitamins, protein shakes, Shakeology, etc). Sign up to take the Beachbody Challenge ... workout, drink Shakeology and be entered to win cash prizes! Email me for more information.

Need a quick energy boost while feeding your body with protein and nutrients? Here you go!!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Want to do what I do? Click for more info!! It is awesome!

Weekends are nice because I do not have to wake up at 330am to get my workout in! Today was day 27 of  Les Mills Pump! I still am loving it. I did move ahead in week 2.. and started pump and shred rather than continue with the pump and burn. I loved it, just wanted a longer workout. My biggest concerns have been my stretched out stomach (after having 3rd C section just about 4 months ago).. and I gladly will say that I have lost 3 inches in that area since starting Pump! That's crazy, because I didn't see that kind of noticeable change so soon with even Insanity! I will admit, I do something every day only took a break maybe 1 day so far. I have the deluxe set and I learned my lesson doing Chalene Extreme.. loved that workout too, just gained weight on it. I realized too late that I needed more cardio. The deluxe set of Les Mills Pump comes with a step with risers, extra weights and 3 extra cardio dvds. Those are great. Not too long, but intense enough so you don't feel like you are slacking in the least. I try and eat something every few hours (5 times a day) and definitely cut out straight bread.. I still eat carbs.. just no bread, pizza or even pasta for now. I notice I feel different the day after eating pasta for sure! So for now, it is working for me. One of my 5 "meals" is Shakeology... still love the Chocolate. I usually have at 430PM (after work). I really look forward to it. Having the shake, allows me to eat less at dinner..

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Busy mom is an understatement! Working full time plus 3 kids under age 10, keeps you on your toes. Thank goodness I found time for myself...although it is at the crack of dawn, while most are sound asleep. I love being able to workout to a complete program on my time. Right now I am doing Les Mills Pump and absolutely love it. I religiously drink Shakeology for 1 meal a day, favorite being chocolate.
I just had a baby 4 months ago and am still trying to lose the baby belly. I started Insanity about 6 weeks after my c section and then moved on to pump. I am in my 4 th week of it and am actually seeing some results! If you need a motivational coach to get you off your butt, sign up for free coaching at my website. Want to learn more about shakeology? Visit my shakeology site . Beachbody has a money back guarantee on Shakeology, they are that certain you will love it!