Saturday, June 23, 2012

Weekends are nice because I do not have to wake up at 330am to get my workout in! Today was day 27 of  Les Mills Pump! I still am loving it. I did move ahead in week 2.. and started pump and shred rather than continue with the pump and burn. I loved it, just wanted a longer workout. My biggest concerns have been my stretched out stomach (after having 3rd C section just about 4 months ago).. and I gladly will say that I have lost 3 inches in that area since starting Pump! That's crazy, because I didn't see that kind of noticeable change so soon with even Insanity! I will admit, I do something every day only took a break maybe 1 day so far. I have the deluxe set and I learned my lesson doing Chalene Extreme.. loved that workout too, just gained weight on it. I realized too late that I needed more cardio. The deluxe set of Les Mills Pump comes with a step with risers, extra weights and 3 extra cardio dvds. Those are great. Not too long, but intense enough so you don't feel like you are slacking in the least. I try and eat something every few hours (5 times a day) and definitely cut out straight bread.. I still eat carbs.. just no bread, pizza or even pasta for now. I notice I feel different the day after eating pasta for sure! So for now, it is working for me. One of my 5 "meals" is Shakeology... still love the Chocolate. I usually have at 430PM (after work). I really look forward to it. Having the shake, allows me to eat less at dinner..

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