Sunday, August 19, 2012

Getting down to the end of Les Mills Pump. I am excited and nervous about starting P90X in another week. I worry about the length of the workouts mostly. I don't know how I will get 90 minutes of yoga in before work! I wake up at 315am daily to get things ready for the kids and myself, and exercise by 430am. I try and leave for work by 615am. I imagine I can do it. My plan is to prepare the night ahead more than I usually do. This way I won't be bogged down preparing lunches and such. It can be done. If anyone can do it, I can! I always adapt to the situation at hand. I will keep updating the blog as I start P90X :) . I will miss Les Mills Pump and will have to do it again after the 3 months of X. Very exciting!!

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