Sunday, August 12, 2012

Decide and Succeed

Results don't always happen as quickly as we expect or want. This happens all too often. If you know you are moving more than you were before you started exercising and you know that you are not eating everything and anything in site as compared to before working out.. you should rest assured it will happen. Change doesn't happen over night. As people always said to me "you didn't get this way overnight, it won't go away overnight". I am the poster child for that! I figure that my pregancy from my third child is wreaking havoc on my body! The rest of me has decreased in size and even my stomach has decreased in size also. I would like to see more in the decreasing of size though. I will wait and let it happen from all the hard work I am putting into it.

Once you decide on a program, you need to commit to it for the allotted time. If it's a 3 month program, you really need to stick with it for the 3 months. Don't give up half way or even almost half way. Why sell yourself short!? One day, you will look back at the "old you" and wonder how you ever found yourself that way! Why didn't you do something sooner?

If you are still thinking about fitness, and you know you want to try something, check out my site and just look around. There are no strings attached. I only share Beachbody® because I love it. I have a full time job outside of this and choose to do this in my spare time. Most of the people you find involved in Beachbody® share my love for the company. Until next time :)

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