Tuesday, October 30, 2012

So there I am.. after 2 months of P90X (before that 3 months of Les Mills Pump. 
I'm still up at the crack of dawn (even earlier) and still push play 6 days a week.. Today is Plyo.. I really don't get too excited over it.. thank GOODNESS for Energy and Endurance formula because otherwise I think I may just hit snooze :) . I'm glad I took pictures early on.. otherwise I may not have appreciated my results.. I wish it was more drastic, don't get me wrong, but slow and steady is the way to go. It is a work in progress as I like to say. Visit my facebook like page www.facebook.com/coachangiecorbitt . I share motivational pictures and very helpful articles and postings that I find throughout facebook. I am currently learning A LOT about the dangers of soy products, and am constantly learning about GMO products and labeling (or lack thereof) of them. Message me, email me, or comment below if you are interested in any Beachbody program that we offer. They are truly worth it. Need a sample of Shakeology, I have all but greenberry to share. Just let me know.. Ok, Plyo land, here I come :)

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